The Career Challenge
Every year millions of people enter the workforce or change occupation without having a clear preference for a particular job or career path. Many people pursue higher education without having a clear idea of the jobs that are available to them for which they are best suited.

The Career Solution
AdvisorTeam created the Career Temperament Report to help individuals in their career exploration. Drawing upon Dr. David Keirsey's theory of Temperament and Type, the Career Temperament Report provides useful guidance for the kind of work environment and the roles that make each personality type happy on the job. Knowing this, those entering the work force, or contemplating career change can make informed decisions about the kind of careers they choose to pursue. The Career Temperament Report focuses on how an individual’s temperament and personality type express themselves in the work world. Designed to help people align their career choices with their innate strengths and preferences, this report includes expert advice about career options, tips on workplace communication and interpersonal skills, and insight on how to navigate the job market based on personality type. In addition, the Report contains a recommended list of jobs for you to consider with live links to ONet online and for additional information and current job listings.

Take the First Step toward Aligning Who You Are With What You Do

The first step to getting your Career Report is to complete the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II. has arranged with AdvisorTeam for you to take the Sorter and purchase your personal detailed Career Report and receive it immediately online for $19.95. To get started, Click

  If your organization has provided you with a pre-purchased password, click here to take the KTS-II in a private web session.

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